There is need to  rise above the petty politics, keeping the ‘Nation First’ ethos in mind

Our veteran expert on Defence and National issues *Maj. Gen, CP Singh ponders over pros and cons of the issue, as the Modi Govt. is determined to finish its pending Agendas from their Manifestos

New Delhi/Jaipur: In November 2020,  PM Modi said: “One Nation, One Election’ isn’t just an issue of deliberation but also a need of the country.”  It sounded like a dream come true to all Indians.  In December 2020, I also penned one article about ‘One Nation One Election’ which a popular Govt like that of Narendra Modi, re-elected in 2019  could implement.    It has taken this idea many years to finally start finding favours in the corridors of power. BJP may have drawn and dusted this idea just before elections, with some political gains in mind and I.N.D.I.A. is opposing it, for similar reasons. Rising above the party politics and immediate gains, if we consider this idea with ‘Nation First’ attitude, it will be a trend setter from the largest democracy,  for the  world to emulate. Read more…

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